Types of Advertising Media Tutorial

As we noted in Managing the Advertising Campaign Tutorial, selection of the media outlet through which an ad will be presented has important implications for the success of a promotion. Each outlet possesses unique characteristics, though not all outlet are equally effective for all advertisers. Thus, choosing the right media can be a time consuming process requiring the marketer to balance the pros and cons of each option.

While just a few years ago marketers needed to be aware of only a few media outlets, today’s marketers must be well-versed in a wide range of media options. The reason for the growing number of media outlets lies with advances in communication technology, including the continued growth in importance of the internet and wireless communication. This is changing how consumers and businesses are responding to advertising messages.  In this tutorial we provide an overview of the following advertising media:

As we discussed in the Advertising Trends section in the Advertising Tutorial, the number of media outlets will continue to grow as new technologies emerge.  Thus, marketers are well advised to continually monitor changes occurring within each media outlet.


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