Sponsorship Advertising and Other Advertising Methods

Sponsorship Advertising

A subtle method of advertising is an approach in which marketers pay, or offer resources and services, for the purpose of being seen as a supporter of an organization’s event, program, or product offering (e.g., section of a website). Because sponsorships are less blatantly promotional compared to other forms of advertising, these may be appealing for marketers looking to establish credibility with a particular target market.

There are numerous local, regional, national, and international sponsorship opportunities ranging from a local art center to the Olympics. Exposure opportunities include signage, printed handouts, sponsored receptions, and much more. However, many sponsorship options lack the ability to tie spending directly to customer response. Additionally, the visibility of the sponsorship may be limited to relatively small mentions especially if the marketer is sharing sponsorship with many other organizations.

Other Advertising Methods

While the nine media outlets discussed above represent the overwhelming majority of advertising methods, there are several more including:

  • advertising on professional sports team uniforms (e.g., name of sponsor on front of jersey)
  • advertising using telephone recordings (e.g., political candidate’s messages)
  • advertising via fax machine (though in the U.S. there may be certain legal issues with this method)
  • advertising through inserted material in product packaging (e.g., inside credit card bill)
  • advertising imprinted on retail receipts (e.g., grocery store receipt)


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