Characteristics of Promotional Methods

Before we discuss the different promotional options available to the marketer, it is useful to gain an understanding of the key features that set different options apart. For our discussion we isolate eight characteristics on which each promotional option can be judged.

For our discussion we will look at the following characteristics of a promotional method:

  1. Intended Audience: Mass vs. Targeted
  2. Payment Model: Paid vs. Non-Paid
  3. Interaction Type: Personal vs. Non-Personal
  4. Message Flow: One-Way vs. Two-Way
  5. Demand Creation: Quick vs. Lagging
  6. Message Control: Total vs. Minimal
  7. Message Credibility: High vs. Low
  8. Cost Assessment: Exposure vs. Action

While these characteristics are widely understood as being important in evaluating the effectiveness of each type of promotion, they are by no means the only criteria used for evaluation. In fact, as new promotional methods emerge the criteria for evaluating promotional methods will likely change.

Types of Promotion
Intended Audience: Mass vs. Targeted