Promotion Summary Table

The table below compares each of the promotion mix options on the eight key promotional characteristics. The summary should be viewed only as a general guide since promotion techniques are continually evolving and how each technique is compared on a characteristic is subject to change.

Characteristics Advertising Sales
Directed Coverage mass & targeted mass & targeted mass targeted
Message Flow one & two-way one & two-way one-way two-way
Payment Model paid
limited non-paid
paid non-paid paid
Interaction Type non-personal personal &
non-personal personal
Demand Stimulation lagging quick lagging quick
Message Control good good poor very good
Message Credibility low-medium low-medium high medium-high
Cost of Promotion CPI – Low
CPTI – Varies
CPA – Varies
CPI – Medium
CPTI – Varies
CPA – Varies
CPI – None
CPTI – None
CPA – None
CPI – High
CPTI – High
CPA – High
Promotion Mix
Promotion Choice: Company Issues