Media Tours and Informational Content

Media Tours

Some new products can be successfully publicized when launched with a media tour. On a media tour a company spokesperson travels to selected cities to introduce a new product. This is often done by having the spokesperson booked on TV and radio talk shows, conducting interviews with print and internet news reporters, or discussing the product with others that may impact the target market (e.g., bloggers, podcasters, social media influencers). The spokesperson can be a company employee or someone hired by the company, perhaps a celebrity or “expert” who has credibility with the target audience. A media tour may include other kinds of personal appearances in conjunction with special events, such as public appearances, speaking engagements, live online video interview, or autograph signing opportunities.

Informational Content

Marketers, who have captured names and addresses of customers and potential customers, can use detailed content in the form of newsletters or informational email as a way to build stronger relations. Marketers using newsletters and information email are effective when they strive to provide content of interest to their targeted audience. For instance, a bookstore may include reviews of new books, information on book author speaking engagements, and details on in-store or online promotions. A food manufacturer may include seasonal recipes, descriptions of new products, and coupons. Online newsletters and email also offer the opportunity to include clickable links to retail outlets carrying the marketer’s product and to videos offering additional product information.


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