Speaking Engagements and Employee Communications

Speaking Engagements

Speaking before industry conventions, trade association meetings, and other groups provides an opportunity for an organization’s experts to demonstrate their expertise to potential customers and business partners. Typically, these opportunities are not explicitly used to promote an organization or its products. Rather, speaking engagements are a chance to talk on a topic that appeals to an interested group and serve to highlight the speaker’s expertise in a field. Often the only mention of the organization or its products is in the speaker biography. Nevertheless, the right speaking engagement, in front of an appropriate target audience, offers opportunities for generating customer interest.

Employee Communications

For many companies, communicating regularly with employees is essential for keeping them informed of developments, such as new products, sales incentives, personnel issues, and other changes. Companies use a variety of means to communicate with employees, including email, newsletters, and social media. In larger firms, an in-house PR department often works in conjunction with the Human Resources Department to develop employee communications.


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