Order Getters – Account Management

Most people engaged in sales are not only involved in gaining the initial order, but work to build and maintain long-term relationships with their clients. Salespeople involved in account management are found across a broad range of industries. Their responsibilities involve all aspects of building customer relationships from initial sale to follow-up account servicing. These include:

Business-to-Business Selling – These salespeople sell products for business use with an emphasis on follow-up sales. In many cases, business-to-business salespeople present several different items to their customers (i.e., broad and/or deep product line), rather than a single product. So while the initial sale may only result in the buyer purchasing a few products, the potential exists for the buyer to purchase many other products as the buyer-seller relationship grows.

Trade Selling – Sales professionals working for consumer products companies normally do not sell to the final user (i.e., consumer). Instead, their role is focused on first getting distributors, such wholesalers and retailers, to handle their products. Once this is accomplished, they help distributors sell their product by offering ideas for product advertising, in-store display, and sales promotions.


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