Defunct Marketing Websites

The Internet is littered with the remains of sites whose good (or lofty!) intentions did not quite match with what the market wanted (classic marketing problem).? In this section KnowThis presents links to sites that are still accessible and may hold value for historic or research purposes.? This page is specific to Internet sites.? For more general Marketing history information see the History of Marketing & Advertising page or Exhibits, Museums & Shows page.

Defunct Corporate Web Sites*We couldn’t possibly list all the marketing and business Web sites that have raised the white flag.? Fortunately several sites are making an attempt to do this.

  • *Interesting site that is building a large database of Web sites as these have appeared over time. Enter a Web address and, in many cases, several previous screenshots of the site appear, some dating as far back (far back in Internet time!) as 1996. Unfortunately some graphics are not available.
  • Ghostsites *Provides screen shots of closed-down dot-coms. Take a trip down memory lane!

Internet Magazines
*Several once high flying magazines are died but not forgotten since much of their material is still accessible.

Sites With Good Historic Internet Statistical Information

  • GVU WWW Survey Results *This site was one of the first to use survey methodology to provide a picture of what was happening during the Internet’s growth years.? Survey results can still be accessed for the survey period 1994-1999.
  • Internet Index *This is a another bit of Internet history with facts and figure on internet growth from 1993-2000.
  • Nua Internet Surveys *Offered summaries of numerous Internet surveys and research reports from all over the world that were separated by category. Ended April 2003 when taken over by CyberAtlas but links to old reports are still active.