Welcome to Marketing

Welcome to the world of marketing and the Principles of Marketing Tutorials from KnowThis.com. The main intention of this tutorial is to offer a straightforward examination of an important, exciting, and challenging business discipline crucial to virtually all organizations and all industries.

The Principles of Marketing Tutorials are ideal for anyone who is new to marketing as it covers all essential marketing areas. By spending time with this tutorial the marketing novice will quickly gain the foundation needed to appreciate what marketers do and understand the full scope of marketing decision making. For some, reading this tutorial may also offer insight into career options that exist in the marketing field.

Experienced marketers may also find this tutorial useful. Often seasoned marketers tend to focus on just a few areas of marketing as part of their day-to-day activities and this tutorial may serve as a good refresher for areas of marketing for which they have not recently spent much time.

Before we get started we should mention that most of what we discuss applies to all types of businesses including those whose objective is to make money (i.e., for-profit businesses) as well as those not driven by a profit-making motive (i.e., not-for-profit organizations). However, the reader should be aware that we often use the terms organization, company, corporation, and firm interchangeably. While the later three terms are often associated with profit-making businesses, the reader should understand the use of one of these terms does not necessarily limit the context of the discussion to for-profit businesses but may apply across all types of marketing situations including not-for-profits.