Designing a product’s package is often an under-appreciated marketing task despite it being an integral component in shaping a brand’s identity. While not all marketers focus enough attention on packaging, those that do are discovering how it can serve as much more than just being a container for the main product. This is especially the case with the advent of social media. Marketers are finding that unique packaging, that captures consumers’ attention, will drive social media activity. For instance, earlier this year, in Columbia and Denmark, McDonalds gained social media attention when it tested its McBike package that makes it easy for bike riders to carry takeout orders. And last year in Asian markets Coca-Cola introduced a variety of screw-on-tops that can be used to re-purpose standard plastic bottles.

Importance of Segmenting DoctorsIn several posts over the years, we have noted how challenging marketing has become in the pharmaceutical industry. For instance, in 2014 we discussed how changes in how drugs are prescribed will likely result in the need for fewer drug sales representatives. And in 2013, fears of potential legal problems was forcing some drug companies to change their promotional tactics.

The problems facing drug companies are also being heightened by increased competition. The number of companies seeking doctors to prescribe their products has grown in recent years. Doctors are being overwhelmed with promotional messages as competitors battle to be heard.  And, as a result, drug companies will need to adapt their promotional approaches if they want to remain competitive.

At, we are big supporters of innovation in marketing. We have noted many times how innovation has positively and negatively impacted a variety of industries including grocery stores, textbook publishing, print media and toy companies. Innovation can affect all marketing areas though innovation in product development tends to attract the most attention from customers, the media, financial backers and others.