January 2016

The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for KnowThis.com, a service operated by KnowThis LLC ("KnowThis.com"). KnowThis.com is strongly committed to maintaining the high standards of privacy for all users of our service.

KnowThis.com does not sell or make available for rental to third parties any information provided by its users.

KnowThis.com may use the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our website. Additionally, we may track user activity, via server logs and search box entries, on an aggregated basis in order to understand general user trends which is designed to help us improve user’s experience with KnowThis.com.

Children under the age of 13 do not provide any information in order to access areas of KnowThis.com.

KnowThis.com utilizes session cookies, which are set to expire after a user's session has ended.  These cookies are used to improve the user's interaction with the site but are not used to gather user information.  KnowThis.com also uses permanent cookies that are necessary for the proper operation of our website metrics and site traffic reports supplied by Google Analytics.  This information is collected anonymously and the analytics program only looks at the collective users’ experience.  Note that permanent cookies can be removed by the user through their browser's preference or options area.

Additionally, KnowThis.com provides advertisements that are distributed by advertising networks including Google.  These advertising networks may use cookies in order to gain information about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.  The information these networks use DOES NOT include any personal information (e.g., name, email address) you provide to KnowThis.com.  Users who would like more information about these practices and to know your choices about not having this information used are encouraged to contact the companies.  For information on Google’s advertising practices click on this link: http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/.

KnowThis.com contains many links to external Internet resources. KnowThis.com is not responsible for the privacy policies (or lack of) or the content of these websites. Please refer to the privacy statement on these sites for further clarification of their policies.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact us.

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